Myths about big data

It costs an arm and a leg to use big Data technologies :

A lot of companies are convinced that big data projects are very expensive and that they can’t afford to invest on it. This idea has become very popular since only big corporations such as Microsoft or Facebook use it.

It’s a wrong idea and everyone can use this technologies through a cloud service like Azure.

It’s too late to benefit from big data technologies :

Some folks think that it’s already too late to take advantage of the big data. Actually , it’s only the beginning of a new era and don’t expect to get rid of it.

It’s very important to know which questions you should ask yourself before starting a big data project :

It’s good to have an idea in mind or a goal to reach when it comes to big data projects but on the other hand it’s not necessary to know exactly which questions you are going to solve through big data. If you are focusing on only those questions, you can risk to pass by some insights that may be very interesting for your company.

It’s very difficult for developers to become data analysts :

One of the weakest spot of big data is the small number of data Scientists that are in the field.

This problem makes the companies think that a data analyst need to have a solid background in the field of data Science during his academic training. Actually even if the data science is a very difficult field to master, developers can master it.

Data Science results can only confirm what you already know :

Many managers think that no one can knows their business better than them. This idea can let them think that they don’t have to hire a data Scientist which is a wrong idea since they can take advantage of those technologies to get new insights.

All the analytics platform are all the same :

Well They are not all the same. This idea is based on a lack of information.

Each platform has its own specifications. So it’s very important to master each one of them if you wanna take advantage of them.

Data Lake and Data warehouses are the same :

Data warehouses are important for companies when it comes to storing the data.

When the term data lake has started to become famous, a lot of companies thought that it was only a marketing word used to sell an old product.

The main difference between them is that the data warehouses are adapted to structured data, whereas data lake are adapted to unstructured data.

All the entreprises use the big data :

Even if all the media are talking about big data, the number of entreprises that use it is still very small.