What’s new in Databricks for December 2023

Get started with Gen AI on Databricks Foundation model APIs You can now query state of the art open source models from an endpoint and easily build applications that leverage a high quality gen AI model without the overhead of the maintenance. For more information :  Foundation models External models Databricks Model Serving now offers […]

What’s new in Databricks for November 2023

The Data intelligence platform The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform allows your entire organization to use data and AI. It’s built on a lakehouse to provide an open, unified foundation for all data and governance, and is powered by a Data Intelligence Engine that understands the uniqueness of your data. Build Your own RAG Application on Databricks Databricks […]

What’s new in Databricks for October 2023

BI & Data Warehousing with your Lakehouse Lakeview Dashboards are in public preview! Lakeview Dashboards offer a new dashboarding experience, optimized for ease of use, broad distribution, governance and security. In addition to a brand new UX, making it easier to plot insights, Lakeview Dashboard can be shared with users outside of your organization.  Create […]

What’s new in Databricks for September 2023

Platform  Workflows Governance Databricks SQL Machine learning Delta Lake Partner connect

What’s new in Databricks for June 2023

Platform  Delta Lake ( DBR 13.2 required) Governance Data Management Marketplace Databricks SQL

Data and AI Summit 2023 announcements

Generation AI  Democratizing Data + AI to every user This document serves as a summary of the different announcements of DAIS 2023. Contributors: Data Engineering Delta Lake 3.0 Delta Kernel Delta Kernel simplifies the ecosystem by offering a single abstracted implementation of the Delta protocol and reducing fragmentation. It significantly reduce the time needed to […]