How to pass the Associate Data Analyst Certification ?

Associate Data Analyst Certification

Number of questions : 45

Type of questions : Multiple choice questions

Duration : 90 Min

Passing score : 70%

Where to register for the certification :

Expiration : 2 years

Topics covered :

  • Databricks SQL
  • Data management
  • SQL
  • Data Visualization and dashboards
  • Analytics applications
  • Alerting
  • Partner Connect

Practice tests: No practice exams are available yet.

How to prepare for the certification:

Complete the Data Analysis with Databricks SQL ( Github repos Link & Steps Link)

Recording of Databricks Certification Preparation ( Link)

Introduction to Databricks SQL ( Link)

Read the Databricks documentation (recommended)

Getting started with Databricks SQL ( Databricks Academy)

Databases, tables and views on Databricks SQL  ( Databricks Academy)

Basic SQL for Databricks SQL  ( Databricks Academy)

Dashboards on Databricks SQL  ( Databricks Academy)

Data visualization on Databricks SQL ( Databricks Academy)

How to integrate BI Tools with Databricks sql ( Databricks Academy)

How to ingest Data for Databricks SQL ( Databricks Academy)

Features you should know before taking the exam:

Delta Optimization ( Optimize/Zorder, AutoOptimize)

Databricks Partners

Databricks SQL Alerts

Databricks SQl and Photon Presentation + Demo : Link

Photon product 

Query History API

Personal access token

Access Control

Databricks SQL security Model

SQL endpoints

Query history

Query profile

Query caching

Schedule a query

Manage users and groups

Alert destinations

Transfer ownership of Databricks SQL objects

Data types and literals

SQL data type rules

Datetime patterns

Built-in functions

Lambda functions

Window functions



Privileges and securable objects

Create tables

Create table in databricks SQL


Partner Connect

Power BI & Databricks SQL

Additional resources :

Databricks SQL Deep dive

Data analyst Training

Databricks SQL record

Getting Started with Databricks sql

Data Science with Databricks for Data analysts

Describe Azure Databricks

Spark Architecture Fundamentals

Build and Query a Delta Lake

Minimally Qualified Candidate :

  • Understand the basics of Databricks SQL in the Databricks Lakehouse Platform
  • Use Databricks SQL to complete individual data manipulation and visualization tasks, including:
    • Creating, manipulating, and managing databases, tables, and views
    • Writing basic queries, including using a refresh schedule and query parameters
    • Using built-in functions to aggregate and manipulate data
    • Selecting and using joins
    • Producing and customizing visualizations
    • Creating and sharing dashboards
    • Integrating BI tools with Databricks SQL using Partner Connect and manually
    • Ingesting data for Databricks SQL
  • Apply knowledge of Databricks SQL to answer specific BI questions


We have a training session planned in July to help you pass the certification and provide you with vouchers as well. ( Keep following the thread.)

Article written by Youssef Mrini

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