Introduction to Databricks Photon

What’s Photon ? Photon is a vectorized query engine written in C++ that leverages data and instruction-level parallelism available in CPUs. It’s 100% compatible with Apache Spark APIs which means you don’t have to rewrite your existing code ( SQL, Python, R, Scala)  to benefit from its advantages.  Photon is an ANSI compliant Engine, it […]

Azure Databricks — Setup SCIM in the Account Console

Requirements: Your Azure Databricks account must have the Azure Databricks Premium Plan. Your Azure Active Directory account must be a Premium edition account. You must be a global administrator for the Azure Active Directory account. Useful links:

How to upgrade your Hive metastore tables to Unity Catalog Using Sync

Before you begin, you must have: A storage credential with an IAM role that authorizes Unity Catalog to access the table’s location path. An external location that references the storage credential you just created and the path to the data on your cloud tenant. CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE permission on the external location of the table […]

Step by step guide to setup Unity Catalog in Azure

You must be an Azure Databricks account admin. The first Azure Databricks account admin must be an Azure Active Directory Global Administrator at the time that they first log in to the Azure Databricks account console. Upon first login, that user becomes an Azure Databricks account admin and no longer needs the Azure Active Directory […]

Databricks Workflows

Databricks workflows is a fully managed orchestration service that’s integrated with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. It helps you remove operational overhead so you can focus on your workflows and not managing the infrastructure. Databricks Workflows is reliable, you can have full confidence on them with a proven experience  running millions of productions workloads daily. Databricks […]