How to pass the Associate Developer for Apache Spark certification?

Associate Developer for Apache Spark Certification

Number of questions : 60

Type of questions : Multiple choice questions

Duration : 120 Min

Passing score : 70%

Where to register for the certification :

Expiration : 2 years

Topics covered :

  • Apache Spark architecture concepts
  • Spark Architecture applications
  • Spark Dataframe API applications

Practice tests: Link

How to prepare for the certification:

Complete the following Databricks academy self paced courses ( If you don’t know how to register for it check this article) :

  • Just enough Python for Apache Spark ( Repos link)
  • Apache Spark Programming with Databricks ( Repos Link)

Learn Spark SQL : Link

Learn Spark : Link

Read the Spark documentation (recommended)

Features you should know before taking the exam:

Cluster Architecture

Spark Execution



Lazy Evaluation

Transformation vs actions

Narrow vs Wide transformation

Deployment mode




Out of memory errors

Subsetting dataframes

Storage levels

Column manipulation

String manipulation

Combining Dataframes

Reading/Writing Dataframes

Additional resources :

Learning Spark Book

Spark Definitive guide Book

How to pass the Spark 3.0 accreditation

Minimally Qualified Candidate :

Understanding the basics of the Spark architecture, including Adaptive Query Execution

  • Apply the Spark DataFrame API to complete individual data manipulation task, including: 
    • selecting, renaming and manipulating columns
    • filtering, dropping, sorting, and aggregating rows
    • joining, reading, writing and partitioning DataFrames
    • working with UDFs and Spark SQL functions

While it will not be explicitly tested, the candidate must have a working knowledge of either Python or Scala. The exam is available in both languages.

Bonus :

You can practice spark on the Databricks community : Link

You need to make sure to get familiar with the Spark documentation because during the exam you can’t use the search bar

Article written by Youssef Mrini

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