What’s new in Databricks for December 2023

Get started with Gen AI on Databricks

Foundation model APIs

You can now query state of the art open source models from an endpoint and easily build applications that leverage a high quality gen AI model without the overhead of the maintenance.

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Foundation models

External models

Databricks Model Serving now offers support for external models, enabling you to seamlessly access, govern, and manage third-party hosted models known as external models. This functionality empowers you to create endpoints for interacting with models hosted outside the Databricks environment, including but not limited to Azure OpenAI GPT models, Anthropic Claude Models, or AWS Bedrock Models. Once configured, teams and applications can be granted access to these models, allowing them to query through a standardized interface without the need to expose credentials.

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External models

Online tables

It’s fully serverless, read only copy of a Delta table optimized for online access that autoscale throughput capacity and provide low latency and high throughput access to data of any scale.

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Online tables

Databricks Feature and function serving

Databricks Feature & function serving seamlessly extends the accessibility of data within the Databricks platform to external models or applications.  They scale to accommodate dynamic real-time traffic and deliver a highly available low latency service regardless of scale.

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Function and feature serving

Simplify the discovery and sharing  process between the teams

Entity Relation In Catalog Explorer, you can now view primary key and foreign key relationships as a graph in the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Delta Sharing capabilities on Databricks

Share Volumes

You can now use Delta Sharing to share volumes between Databricks workspaces on different Unity Catalog metastores including workspaces on different Databricks accounts and different clouds.

Share dynamic views

You can now use Delta Sharing to share dynamic views that restrict access to certain table data based on recipient properties.

For more information:

Add volume to a share

Add dynamic views to a share to filter rows and columns

In a nutshell

  • Databricks JDBC driver 2.6.36 is now available. For more information
  • You can now select from a variety of themes in the notebook editor
  • You can now select a new cell table rendering that allows results, copying subsets of the results to the clipboard and other features to make it easier to work with tabular outputs

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