Databricks University Alliance

Databricks believes that university students should learn the latest data science tools to enhance their value in the workforce upon graduation. The Databricks University Alliance provides complimentary assets to educators and students for teaching and learning these next-generation tools in both in-person and virtual classrooms.

If you are a student you can benefit from :

  1. Free access to the self paced courses available in the databricks Academy. The only requirement is that you register/sign up with a university provided email address.
  1. Hands-on Introductory workshops 
  • Introduction to Python
  • Data Analysis with Pandas
  • Introduction to ML : Scikit Learn
  • Introduction to Apache Spark
  1. Sign up for the free Databricks Community Edition

If you are a Teacher/ faculty you can benefit from :

  1. Access to online community of educators teaching Databricks
  2. Sample notebooks and Introductory workshops
  3. A Curated list of resources for educators gettings started with Databricks including slides and workshops on topics like Delta Lake and Apache Spark
  4. Request free Databricks credit and cloud credits for classes with high scale computing needs. Contact

If you are an educator or faculty member at university, you are invited to join Databricks University Alliance. Join Now


  • You can download for free the Learning Spark Book : Link
Learning Spark: Lightning-fast Data Analytics : Damji, Jules, Wenig,  Brooke, Das, Tathagata, Lee, Denny: Libros
  • You can download for free the early release of the Definitive guide to Delta Lake : Link
The Definitive Guide to Delta Lake by O'Reilly- Free digital book -  Download Now in Early Release - The Databricks Blog
  • What if I tell you that we have a large community to whom you can ask questions and even browse to read all the posted answers to the questions posted:
  • The Databricks Community Edition is the free version of our cloud-based big data platform. Its users can access a micro-cluster as well as a cluster manager and notebook environment. All users can share their notebooks and host them free of charge with Databricks.

Article written by Youssef Mrini